Surfboard & Watersports Equipment Rentals

Take a lesson. Learn to surf or kayak. Rent a surfboard, kayak or bodyboard. We are a short walk from My Khe Beach in Da Nang. Our surfboard rentals include soft top and foamie boards for beginners and epoxy hard top longboards and shortboards for experienced riders.

Here is what sets us apart from all other surfboard rentals:

  • Only rental with Wetsuits and Rash Vests included
  • Only rental with Showers, Changing Rooms and Lockers available.
  • Competitive rates and the highest quality gear in town
  • We’ll never let you leave with the wrong board – we’ll help you choose the right one for the weather and water conditions

Rent a surfboard then swap at no extra charge between our entire quiver to find the right one for you and the day’s conditions.

Price List for Equipment Rentals

Product 1 Hour Half Day 1 Day 3   1/2 Days

  3   Full Days

Soft Top and Foamie Surfboards $4 / 100,000vnd $7 / 150,000vnd $11 / 250,000vnd $15 / 350,000vnd
Hard top Surfboards (epoxy + fiberglass boards) $7 / 150,000vnd $9 / 200,000vnd $18 / 400,000vnd $22 / 450,000vnd
Body Board / Beater Board $4 / 100,000vnd $7 / 150,000vnd $11 / 250,000vnd $15 / 350,000vnd
Kayak  – Single $7 / 150,000vnd $17 / 380,000vnd $28 / 600,000vnd $45 / 1,000,000vnd $70 / 1,500,000vnd
Kayak –  Double $9 / 200,000vnd $17 / 380,000vnd $17 / 380,000vnd $17 / 380,000vnd $17 / 380,000vnd
 Wetsuit $20 $25 $45 $55
Surf Rack

* Half Day is defined as 4 hrs or end of day, whichever comes first.

* Day Prices are defined as 12 hours. E.g. 3 Full Days is a 36 Hr Rental

* Seasonally appropriate accessories are included in wetsuit rentals:

  • November 1st – March 31st: Wetsuits.
  • April 1st – October 31st: Rash Vest and Surf Hats.

* A credit card, foreign passport or cash deposit is required to rent and renter must be over 19 yrs or have a legal guardian.

* All prices are in USD and VND.

Our Surfboards Available To Rent

We surf to have fun and enjoy sharing our love of riding the waves with others. So we rent surfboards to create the perfect conditions and have the best time possible. Below is our quiver of surfboards available to rent.

Shortboards • Longboards • Funboards • Beginner Soft Tops

Whether you’re a local beginner or a seasoned surfer we have the right surfboard for you.

7’6 Olaian Foamie Surfboard

The Olaian  7’6 is a longboard-shaped foamie: a round nose and a slightly narrowed tail. The board includes three flex fins and a leash.

8’6 Olaian Foamie Surfboard

The Olaian  8’6 is a longboard-shaped foamie: a round nose and a slightly narrowed tail. The board includes three flex fins and a leash.

8’6 Soft Top Surfboard

The   8’6” Soft Top Foam Surfboard is perfect for people looking for a hassle-free board for learning to surf or for the small waves on My Khe Beach.