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Surf Info for Da Nang

Da Nang, situated on the central coast of Vietnam, serves as the primary surfing hub in the country. This city draws in tourists from around the globe who seek pleasant weather, stunning long sandy beaches, and consistent waves throughout the year. The ideal time to surf in Da Nang falls between September and March, when the water temperature averages a comfortable 27C. With waves suitable for all skill levels, Da Nang proves to be an excellent choice for beginner surfers due to its gentle beach breaks.

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Surf Forecast For Da Nang

Daily Surf Forecast for My Khe Beach In Da Nang

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Da Nang Surf Information

Everything you will need to know about surfing in Da Nang – Tides, Currents, Swell Seasons.

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All the best spots to surf in and around Da Nang

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