8’6 Olaian Foamie Surfboard


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The Olaian  8’6 is a longboard-shaped foamie: a round nose and a slightly narrowed tail. The board includes three flex fins and a leash.

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The Olainan  8’6” Foam Surfboard with Leash and 3 Fins by Decathlon should be the next surfboard that you give a try the next time you hit the beach to catch some waves. This has a wide Malibu shape and gives you excellent stability while you’re carving up the waves. It’s made from durable materials so it stays tough and handles a good amount of impact. This has three soft edge fins and a round tail so you can be able to handle the surfboard with ease. Take this out and try it out for yourself when the waves look promising enough for a surf session.

Dimensions (inches): 8’6″ x 23.3″ 3.3″ 

Volume (L): 90 liters    Weight (kgs) 80kg:

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