Speedo 42.5″ Bodyboard


This Speedo body board is all about riding and watch the world go by while you skim along the shore.

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Speedo 42.5″ Bodyboard

The Speedo Bodyboard is a fun way to welcome in summer any time that you head over to your favorite beach. The Speedo Bodyboard is 42.5 high-density polyethylene. Comes with professional bodyboard leash. The bow-shaped tail cut allows use with all types of waves.

Product Specifications.

  • Speedo 42.5″ bodyboard.
  • Recommended for riders of 72-86 kgs.
  • Professional Bodyboard Wrist Leash.
  • Composition: 35% Cross-linked polyethylene foam (XPE), 50% Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
    15% High-density polyethylene (HDEP).
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