Group Surf Lessons

Learn how to surf on the the beautiful My Khe beach with one of our qualified Instructors on our 2 hour Group Surf Lessons.

Our two hour Group Surf Lessons focus on teaching the skills of surfing and how to handle yourself and your surfboard in the ocean.  We will cover all the techniques you need from paddling and popping up to beach safety. Our Group Surf Lessons are suitable for adults and kids aged 8 and over so its perfect for the whole family who want to learn how to surf!

We offer surf lessons for beginner and intermediate surfers. Our lessons will give you the fundamental skills of surfing and surf techniques so that they can go out catch lots of waves.

LESSON TIMES Morning – 10am -12pm    /    Afternoon 2:30pm – 4:30pm
LENGTH  2 Hours.
WEAR Swimsuit or Shorts, Towel, Sandals and Sunscreen.
Professional and Friendly Instructor Wetsuits and Rash Vests
Showers and Changing Facilities All Equipment Supplied – Soft Top Surfboard/Leash
Adults (16 yrs +)  USD $  Vietnam Dong Vnd
1 Person $38 900.000vnd
2 People $65 1,550,00vnd
3 People $100 2,400,000vnd
Additional Person $30 per person 720,000vnd

Lesson Description

The surf lesson will cover all aspects of learning how to surf including an introduction to surfing and the equipment used. We will  spend about 20 minutes teaching the basic surf techniques from lying and balancing on a surfboard to how to paddle and catch a wave and how to pop up on a board.

After we finish covering the surf techniques we will go over some water safety about where is the best place on the beach to learn, rip currents and handling your surfboard safely.

After that we will head down to the waves and our qualified instructor will then give a quick demonstration on how to catch a wave and then you will hit the water and catch some great waves.

Most importantly after the lesson we will share any photos and videos we have taken.

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-09:50am Meet at the D.N.O.A Shop

Meet up with the Instructor at the Da Nang Outdoor Adventures.

Get your surfboard and leash.

We will provide a rash vest or a wetsuit depending on the conditions .

Make sure to put on some sun cream and wear a hat because it gets quite warm in Da Nang


10:00am Walk to the Beach

First we will take a short walk down to beach (about 5 minutes) to start the lesson .

10:05 am – 10:20am Introduction to Surfing

Next we will do some warm up exercises and an introduction to surfing followed by a demonstration by the Instructor

10:20am – 12.00 am : Surf the Waves!

After the demonstration you will spend this time catching the waves and learning how to Surf

12:00 pm : Return to the Shop

Finally after the lesson we will head back to the shop.