Best Surf Spots on My Khe Beach
Surf Lessons with Da Nang Outdoor Adventures on the beautiful my Khe beach in Da Nang

There are many different spots to surf from Son Tra Peninsula all the way down Hoi An on this 30km long stretch of beach.  The best Surf Spots on My Khe Beach Da Nang are situated around My Khe/ Holiday Beach Area but it all depends on the swell and wind direction on the day.

The dominent wind direction during the winter surf season is from the North to NorthEast and the swell comes from the EastNorthEast. This changes during the summer months when the wind switches to a more Southerly direction blowing from the SouthWest in the mornings and from th SouthEast on the summer afternoon. The swell in the summer months can be a mix of EastNorthEast and Southeast wind swell.

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We do also get typhoons coming close to Vietnam and generating good ground swell ususally during the summer months into autumn.

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Generally the further North you go on the beach the smaller the waves will get and the more shelter there will be from the wind especially in the winter time.  If the waves are very big at Holiday Beach and you don’t feel like you can make it out then try some of the other spots further North .

Best Surf Spots on My Khe Beach, Da Nang

  1. Holiday Beach Hotel – Just in front of the main entrance to the hotel there is usually a good sandbar.
  2. T-Street – The carpark at the end of Nguyen Van Thaoi Street has some good sanddbars just North and South of the carpark.
  3. Võ Văn Kiệt Roundabout – In front of the seafood restaurants right on the beach is good when the wind starts to come from the NorthWest to West direction.
  4. Phạm Văn Đồng Park – At the sculpture at the bottom of Phạm Văn Đong Street can get some shelter from the North wind.
  5. 4 Points Sheraton – Good when the wind starts to get strong from the North to NorthEast Direction and when the swell is big 3M++.
  6. Man Thai Beach to Fishing Village -Good when the wind get strong from the North to NorthEast Direction and when the swell is big 3M++.

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